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What factors cause the price difference of electric heating tubes?

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The quality of the stainless steel of the electric heating tube mainly depends on the nickel content. Nickel is a high-quality corrosion-resistant element. The perfect combination with chromium in stainless steel further consolidates the corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. However, low-carbon nickel steel must obtain Pure austenitic structure, nickel content must reach 24%. 2. Production process: Due to different production processes, product quality is good or bad, and high-quality qualified products must have a good production process. 3. After-sales service: After-sales service is the most important thing. No matter how good the product is, there may be failures. The manufacturer's after-sales service response ability and not timely, the after-sales service is also the most important. Good after-sales service guarantee can make customers feel at ease. And only when the nickel content is 27%, can the steel be corrosion resistant in some media


The reasons for the big difference in the price of electric heating tubes are as follows: 1. Number of electric heating tubes: The number of electric heating tubes affects the life of the electric heater and the thermal efficiency of the heating tubes. The more the number of electric heating tubes, the more expensive the price. For example: I now need to heat 1T of water to 80°C within 2 hours, which requires a 55KW flange-type electric heater, and the performance changes significantly. Therefore, for the heating tube, the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance can be selected from 800, 840, 316L and other materials. The 800 stainless steel tube contains 30% nickel, the 840 tube contains 20% nickel, and the 316L stainless steel tube contains nickel. 10%, but if a worse 304 tube stainless steel is used, the nickel content is only 8%. Electric heating tube The advantages of stainless steel heating tube: good heat resistance, resistance to dry burning of the heating tube, and relatively low cost. At present, there are many types of stainless steel heating tubes, and the price gap between various materials is large. The same is stainless steel, and its quality performance The difference is also great.


The electric heater requires 15 electric heating tubes with a surface load of 7W, while the related units have 9 electric heating tubes with a surface load heating tube of 11W. The number of electric heating tubes is reduced, the cost is lower, and the final product price is lower. The higher the surface load of the heating tube, the shorter the service life of the electric heating tube, and the easier it will be damaged.

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