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How does the environment affect the electric heating tube and the matters needing attention?

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Electric heating tube heating equipment is in the usual working environment. The humidity and temperature of the working environment have a great influence on power. Our electric heating tube production and research experience of electric heating tube equipment based on experience, briefly analyze the degree of environmental impact on the equipment and precautions .


First of all, although there is no clear sense of the influence of the electric heating tube and the working environment, but after the heating tube, the case and the actual operation requirements, the air humidity in the environment still has a great influence on the electric heating tube, not more than 95% high. And there must be no flammable, explosive or corrosive gas. The external working voltage of the electric heating tube cannot exceed 1.1 times the additional voltage. It is necessary to ensure that the shell is effectively grounded before the electric heating tube is operated to prevent accidents. The connection and maintenance of the electric heating pipe and the ground wire. The grounding resistance for maintenance grounding is best below 4Ω (when the transformer capacity is not more than 100KV?A, 10Ω can be used)


Second, the grounding body can be a steel pipe with a wall thickness of not less than 3.5mm or a flat steel with a thickness of not less than 4mm and a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 100mm2. Under the condition that there may be front-line corrosive soil, galvanized conductors and pipes should be used. Available copper pipe.


Third, the grounding lead-in wire should be multi-strand insulated copper wire with a cross-sectional area less than 1.5mm2, and there should be no joints in the center of the heating tube.


Again, the three power supplies of the equipment should not be more than ±5% if the ruggedness is not firm.


The electric heating tube needs to be placed steadily without obvious shaking and trembling; the heating of the electric heating tube in the liquid must know the pH of the liquid, and use a more suitable electric heating tube to work in the liquid.

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