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How to install and fix tubular heater?

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1. Molding heating element

The common abrasive heating tube does not need to be fixed, and the heating tube is directly placed in the heating hole for heat transfr work.

2. Cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters are available in straight, L-shaped, baffled, threaded, etc. The common cartridg heater can be mounted directly on the bracket, either with a metal sleeve or welded. The L-type cartridge heater can be plugged directly into the device. The baffle cartridge heater can be soldered to the baffle. The threaded cartridge heater can be screwed directly, and the threaded cartridge heater is suitable for liquid heating and must be sealed for welding.

3. U type tubular heater, flanged tubular heater, finned tubular heater

U type tubular heaters are usually fitted with fasteners and mounted directly. The flange tubular heater can be installed with flanges or welded flanges. In low-pressure environments where no closure is required, the flanges can be directly attached or bolted. In a sealed high pressure environment, a welded flange is usually used. The finned tubular heater can be mounted directly with fasteners and is suitable for use in blow ducts or other stationary, flowing air heating environments.

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