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Application scenarios of cartridge heating tube

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Since the cartridge heating tube has the characteristics of small volume and high power, it is suitable for heating metal molds, so it can be used with thermocouples to achieve good heating and temperature control effects.

The main application areas of cartridge heating tubes include stamping molds, hot cutters, packaging machinery, injection molds, extrusion molds, rubber molding molds, melt blown molds, hot press molding machinery, semiconductor processing, pharmaceutical machinery, uniform heating platforms, and liquid heating, etc. .


In traditional plastic molds or rubber molds, a cartridge heating tube is placed inside the metal mold plate to ensure that the plastic and rubber materials in the mold runner are always in a molten state and always maintain a relatively uniform temperature.

In the stamping die, the cartridge heating tube is arranged according to the shape of the die, so that the stamping surface can reach high temperature. It is especially suitable for high-strength plates or thick plates to increase the efficiency of the stamping process.

Cartridge heating tubes are used in packaging machinery and hot-cutting knives, and the cartridge heating tube is embedded in the edge banding mold or the hot-cutting knife mold, so that the entire mold reaches a uniform high temperature, and the material is melted and bonded or melted and cut at the moment of contact. The soaking type cartridge heating tube is especially suitable.

The cartridge heating tube is used in the melt-blown mold, and the cartridge heating tube is installed inside the melt-blown die to ensure that the inside of the die, especially the position of the wire hole, is at a uniform high temperature, so that the material can be ejected through the wire hole after melting. Achieve uniform density. The soaking type cartridge heating tube is especially suitable.

The cartridge heating tube used in the uniform heating platform is to embed multiple cartridge heating tubes horizontally in the metal plate, and adjust the power of each cartridge heating tube by calculating the power distribution to make the surface of the metal plate reach a uniform temperature. The uniform heating platform is widely used in target heating, precious metal peeling recovery, mold preheating, etc.

The heating part of the core of the cartridge heating tube (also called single-head electric heating tube, cartridge heater) is a nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy wire, which is wound on a magnesium oxide core rod with excellent insulation and thermal conductivity. The heating wire and the shell are filled with magnesium oxide powder as an insulating material, and the air inside is compressed by the machine to make it into a whole.

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