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Ceramic Band Heaters DiagramCeramic band heaters are designed with spirally wound inner resistance coils evenly threaded through interlocking insulated ceramic “tiles”. The ceramic core, or “mat” of tiles is housed beneath a stainless-steel sheet with serrated edges. The notched edges fold over to secure the ends and a protective inner liner (to be removed at installation) secures the placement of the tiles. This combined assembly of the Ceramic Band Heater offers a flexible heating system that yields efficient transmission of conduction and radiated heat. The heat of the Ceramic Band originates from the inner coils that conduct heat at maximum temperatures. The heated coils evenly deliver heat through the ceramic tiles which radiate energy to the barrel. We offer a variety of Ceramic Band styles from standard to custom configurations. When selecting a ceramic heater, select a heater that best matches the wattage requirements – to decrease the frequency of cycling and temperature overshooting, and thereby increase the life of the heater. When installing a ceramic band heater to replace a non-insulated heater, decrease the total operating wattage by approx. 15-20 percent.

Ceramic Band Advantages

Built in insulation minimizes unwanted change in temperature along the barrel

Efficient heat transfer: Heat transfers through radiation, conduction, and convection, so a perfect fit is not required compared to other band heaters

Heat transfers are not affected by irregular surfaces or a loose fit

Because they operate at higher watt densities, they can be used in wider increments

The number of bands used can be reduced with simplified wiring

The heater is safer with the cooler external surface – over other band heaters

The flexible design allows easy install and removal

Ceramic Band Options



This Ceramic band style features protective ceramic beads (encasing the lead wires) exiting the ceramic terminal box.


Fiberglass Spring Relief

This Ceramic band heater includes fiberglass leads. The leads are covered and secured to the band by a spring relief component.

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