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The coil heater provides uniform heating power distribution in a narrow space.


High heating power, slim structure, small bending radius and good durability against mechanical damage make coil heaters the first choice for many tricky applications.


Our coil heater series are available in straight rod form for bending and inserting tools into machining grooves.


Coil heaters are widely used in the plastic industry, packaging industry, textile industry and die casting industry.


For any application where there is not enough space to install an independent temperature sensor, any coil heater can provide a built-in thermocouple.


Coil heater, radial exit coil heater: axial exit coil heater: tangential exit coil heater: angular exit


Our coiled heating elements can be provided with reflective tubes or castings to increase robustness and better heat transfer, and can be used for various terminal exit angles.

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